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FLOREASCA - str. Calea Floreasca nr.49, București
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MEN ONLY - Expert Barbers

Expert Barbers

Why Expert Barbers?

Every gentleman needs his personal barber. However, he is not only a barber, he is also a friend who can not only give you advice on your look, but can also carry an open conversation about sports, politics, you name it.

Once you have experienced the spirit and the complete services at Expert Barbers, you will want to share it with all your friends.

A barbershop where we are waiting for you not just for a haircut and shave, but also for fraternizing with your friends, to socialize.

Expert Barbers

Enjoy and relax!

We think that you will agree with us when saying that waiting in our shop isn’t that tedious: there is an LCD TV and lots of magazines and newspapers to keep you updated on the current news while you’re waiting to get your new and modern haircut. That's only if you have to wait, because otherwise you will be taken directly to your personal comfortable seat where you will spend the next hour.

And if that’s not enough, you won’t get just a haircut, your stylist will wash your hair with a refreshing shampoo, and then will give you a relaxing massage and trim your eyebrows and moustache.

Expert Barbers

Only the best products!

We are using the best hairstyle and skincare products in the industry. To name a few of the brands:

  • Keune Haircosmetics,
  • Uppercut Deluxe,
  • Kerastase Paris,
  • BarberStore,
  • Fudge etc.

We are waiting for you at the best Hair Salon for Men in Bucharest to discover ALL the famous brands we use!


FLOREASCA - str. Calea Floreasca nr.49, București

Expert Barbers

Hair Salon for Men Only

Our salon is frequented by a lot of members of the Romanian Diplomatic Corps, many academics and leading figures of Romanian politics. There is no lack of top athletes, TV stars or multinational managers!

We offer you the ultimate experience, a royal treatment: manicure while the stylist takes care of your hair, followed by a wet towel shave for a real SHINE!


Barbershop Bucharest

A BARBERSHOP offering exceptional services to all guests in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

Yes, we are a barbershop because we only serve men! We cut your hair in modern trends and offer you the perfect classic shave, either with the blade - using a moisturizing and refreshing cream and essential oils - or with the grooming machine.


Modern Haircuts

Our stylist know their CRAFT - so as to provide an experience tailored to the needs, requirements and budget of our customers.

We have a series of modern hairstyles for this year for all hair types.

Explore the best hairstyles for thick hair, clean hair, curly hair, straight hair and how to model each one!

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