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DOROBANŢI - 3-5 Hatmanul Arbore Street, Bucharest (near Perla Restaurant)
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Barbershop Bucharest

Expert Barbers

A BARBERSHOP offering exceptional services to all guests in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

Yes, we are a barbershop because we only serve men! We cut your hair in modern trends and offer you the perfect classic shave, either with the blade - using a moisturizing and refreshing cream and essential oils - or with the grooming machine.

From the 1880s to the 1940s, it was the golden age for barbershops. Meanwhile, men have socialized at the barbershop, which has rivaled in popularity with the hair salon (for women). Visiting the barber was a weekly habit, sometimes on a daily basis. People stopped not only for a haircut and a shave, but also for fraternizing with friends, to socialize.

This is our ideal, what we aim to bring back to life!

Here's why every man should attend a barbershop:

  • Only a barber master really knows how to trim a man's hair!
  • It's a great place to socialize with other men!
  • Just here you get a great shave!
  • It's a great thing to do with your father or son!
  • You will feel manlier!
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Barbershop Bucharest

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Cut & Shave

A classic barbershop: modern haircuts according to customer preferences and perfect shaving, either with the blade or the grooming machine.

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Manicure and Pedicure

And because the services that a barber shop offers must be COMPLETE, our beauticians can care for your nails, hands and feet.

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Barbeshop Expert Barbers

We hope we have shown you that we are a classic BARBERSHOP! As we have the slogan: 99% Craft | 1% Marketing!

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