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DOROBANŢI - 3-5 Hatmanul Arbore Street, Bucharest (near Perla Restaurant)
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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is the exact address of the salon?
Expert Barbers is situated in Dorobanti, 3-4 Hatmanu Arbore Street. It is situated near Perla Restaurant. You can access a map by clicking the following link on Google Maps.
2. What is the salon's schedule?
We are open 6 days per week, Monday to Saturday from 8 am till late (after 9 pm) if there are any late calls. You can make an appointment or just walk in.
3. What are the rates charged by Expert Barbers?
You can find our rates in the SERVICES section. You can call us at 0744.305.704 / 0724.947.707 to ask any questions you may have.
4. Can i make an appointment?
Of course you can! This doesn’t mean that you can’t just walk in at any time. You can take a look at our opening times by clicking the CONTACT tab or just call 0744.305.704 / 0724.947.707 to make an appointment.
5. Is it preferable to make an appointment?
It is entirely your choice, but we do recommend to make an appointment because the salon is usually busy and you might have to wait for quite a long time for your trim. You can call 0744.305.704 / 0724.947.707 to make an appointment.
6. Who is the best stylist at Expert Barbers?
Any of our stylists is a competent barber able to fulfil any kind of preference. You won’t be disappointed by the services offered by any of the employees of the salon.
7. Do you offer services for women?
No. Women are welcome, but just as friends, girlfriends, wives or mothers, because we only offer services for men.
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